# Get Started

Adapting to something novel might present a slight hurdle. But rest assured, we've developed a variety of guides to assist you in becoming at ease with PlunderSwap!

# Utilizing PlunderSwap

Refer to these guides to establish all the necessary configurations for utilizing PlunderSwap. Alternatively, you're welcome to directly access the specific guide you require in case you've been sailing well but have strayed off nautical course.

Create a Wallet
Get ERC-20/ZRC-2 Tokens
Connect Your Wallet to PlunderSwap

# PlunderSwap Feature Guides

After configuring and connecting your wallet to PlunderSwap, don't hesitate to explore the additional instructional guides provided below.

How to Trade
How to Add/Remove Liquidity

Browse the menu for comprehensive documentation covering a wide array of PlunderSwap features and services, encompassing more advanced guides as well.

If you still need help, please visit the PlunderSwap Communities and ask for assistance there!