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Lost at sea or doubting your course? Our Help Centre is ready to lend a helping hook.

# Help sections

The Help topic has been charted in easy-to-navigate sections, steering you in the right direction. Here's a swift overview of what's lurking beneath.

# Troubleshooting Errors

The Troubleshooting Errors page has a collection of errors users may run into while using PlunderSwap. It shows the problem with both a solution to the problem, and a reason explaining why the problem happened.

# General FAQ

The General FAQ page is like a map, marking the chartered course to questions we often hear from PlunderSwap users. Seek here for advice, explanations, and paths to useful resources.

# Other Guides

There are also a number of guides in the help topic that will walk you through technical problems. We ink new guides when a problem that may be difficult to solve comes up frequently. If youre having trouble, make sure to delve into this treasure trove for guidance.

# Seeking support

PlunderSwap doesn't have a dedicated support service. If you find yourself tangled in a knot that hasn't been untied here, you can beckon for support at PlunderSwap's Communities. For your safety, make sure you read the notice about scams if it's your first time on channels.