# Transfer Tokens to Zil EVM from Zilpay!

We have built a nice easy, functional way to transfer ZIL and other ZRC2 tokens from your Zilpay wallet to your Zil EVM wallet!

  1. Go to the Plunderswap Transfer Page HERE and connect your Metamask Wallet (Top Right Connect Wallet Button) as well as your Zilpay Wallet (with the Connect Zilpay wallet)

  1. Once you have both wallets connected, choose which token you wish to transfer, click where it shows ZIL with a down arrow

  1. Once you have selected the token you wish to transfer, the screen will show you the Balance, on your EVM wallet, and also the Zilpay Balance. in the box inbetween the 2 balances, type in how many tokens you would like to transfer, then click the "Transfer to EVM button" to transfer. In this example im transferring 10 ZIL tokens.

  1. Confirm the transaction within the Zilpay Wallet

  1. You will get a link to the transaction ID to view the transaction in progress.

  1. Once the tokens are transferred, your balance for EVM should have increase by the amount you sent over. Congrats you now have the tokens over on Zil EVM side.!

If you dont want to use our awesome transfer tool, you dont have to - here is a video showing you how to transfer yourself by grabbing your Zil EVM compatible address for metamask..